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Faculty Leave of Absence Procedure

The leave of absence process for a faculty member

Medical Leaves

Please submit a Leave of Absence Request Form, as well as any questions or concerns, to the CAS Business Office HR Administrator.

All other leave requests (parental, scholarly, personal, etc.)

When a faculty member requests a leave of absence and the department chair approves, the individual's written request and a supporting memorandum from the chair must be forwarded to the Dean. The chair should submit the following materials either via hard copy or electronically to the Assistant to the Dean:

  • Memo from faculty member to chair explaining purpose of leave and details
  • Leave of Absence Request Form
  • Parental Leave Form (if appropriate)
  • Any appropriate documentation (e.g., offer of fellowship, visiting scholar invitation, etc.)
  • Letter/email of support from department chair. This memorandum should address all of the following issues:
    • Will the leave be paid or unpaid?
    • Will the leave be full or part-time? If part-time, what percentage?
    • What is the period of the leave?
    • An articulation of an understanding of the leave's impact on the faculty member's benefit coverage, tenure clock and sabbatical eligibility (depending on union status).

If the Dean approves the request, it is then forwarded to the Provost for approval.

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