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Termination Checklist

A summary of the actions and paperwork needed to conclude an employment relationship.

Termination/Separation Procedures

Wages Employees
  • Complete the Termination Form on the Human Resources website.
  • Send an e-mail to notifying them that the temporary employee will no longer be submitting hours.
Graduate Students
Classified Staff
Salaried Faculty
Non-Salaried Faculty

The last date worked is the termination date.

Graduate Students with an end date of 6/30 will automatically roll forward into the next fiscal year, and payments will continue. Terminating paperwork MUST be filed to stop graduate student payments as of 6/30, if so desired.

Graduate Students with an end date other than 6/30 will automatically be terminated on that end date. However, terminating paperwork should still be filed to ensure that payments are stopped.


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