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Michael A. Gurdon, Ph.D. Professor & Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Contact Information
Office: 309 Kalkin
Phone: 656-0513

Dr. Gurdon retired from UVM in May, 2013. He joined the UVM faculty in 1980 after two years with the University of New Brunswick. His teaching specialties lie in the areas of collective bargaining, international management and organizational behavior. He has been a consultant on strategic and human resource planning for a variety of private and public organizations. Dr. Gurdon's research interests encompass employee ownership,the commercialization of scientific invention, and a range of international labor-management issues. He has held visiting faculty appointments at the Univerity of Warwick, Durham University, and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, as well as at Griffith University, the University of Tasmania, and the University of Sydney in Australia. He is also the holder of an honorary professorship at Yaroslavl University, Russia. Dr. Gurdon's articles have appeared in such publications as the Journal of Industrial Relations, International Labour Review, Industrial Relations, Management Review and Technovation.

Suggested topics for comment:
Labor relations issues and international union-management developments. Employee ownership.

Referee for "Industrial & Labor Relations Review"; Secretary, Board of Directors of Vermont Employee Ownership Center (; arbitrator of hearings brought before the National Association of Securities Dealers; consultant to several corporations in the development of strategic planning processes and long-term corporate objectives.

Publication History

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