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Jerrold C. Manock, M.S. Part Time Lecturer I

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Phone: 864-8183

Jerry Manock holds an MS from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design. He has worked at various companies including HP, DesignLink, Innovation Partners, Telesensory Systems and Apple Computer. He continues to be involved with innovation and integrated product development and is currently the President of Manock Comprehensive Design, Inc. which has offices in Palo Alto, CA and Burlington, VT.

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Publication History

Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • zz-Shirland, L. E.; zz-Manock, J. - "Collaborative Teaching of Integrated Product Development: A Case Study" (Refereed) - IEEE Transactions on Education - 2000 - v. 43, no. 3, pp. 343-348 [View publication] [Show/Hide Abstract]