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MBA - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to complete the four prerequisite courses before I apply for admission?

No, you can apply and be accepted to the Graduate College. But you cannot start taking graduate level courses in the MBA program until you have completed the prerequisites.

What is the minimum score on the Graduate Admissions Tests and what is the minimum undergraduate GPA for admission?

While we have no official minimum score, we do not generally admit any students with a GMAT score below 550. A three-member faculty Graduate Studies Committee evaluates all applications on the following eight factors:

  1. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) (scores from alternative tests such as the GRE are also acceptable)
  2. Undergraduate GPA
  3. Perceived quality of undergraduate institution
  4. Perceived rigor of undergraduate major
  5. Quality and quantity of business experience
  6. Strength of letters of recommendation
  7. Quality of statement of purpose
  8. Post undergraduate studies or graduate work. The average GMAT score for accepted students is ~600. The average GPA of accepted students is 3.2.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes. Options include Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships. Please contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs to learn about your options.

What is the application deadline for the Fall semester?

The application deadline is April 1 of that year.

Is there an application deadline for Spring Semester enrollment?

Yes, the application deadline for January admission is November 15.

Can I transfer graduate courses taken at other universities?

Yes, with conditions. If you attended an AACSB accredited program as a matriculated graduate student, and if the course or courses you took are substantially the same in content as our course(s), then up to 9 credits will be considered for transfer. If you attended a non-AACSB accredited program, you may sit for a qualifying exam. If you pass the exam, the course(s) will transfer.

How large is our MBA program?

There are approximately 60 students. The average class size is about 30 students.

Are students with a degree in Business Administration the only students admitted to the MBA program?

No, the undergraduate degree can be in any field.

What time of day are classes offered?

Most classes begin at 5 p.m. or later, with the last class of the evening ending at 9:10 p.m.. Many courses are offered twice a week for 75 minutes while others are offered one night a week for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Select classes are offered as week-long summer courses.

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