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Soccer at Centennial Field

Club Sports

The low-down on club sports

Who plays? Anyone can join, everyone gets to play, and you might be surprised at how heated things can get.

What sports are there? You name it: Aikido, crew, fencing, equestrian, field hockey, gymnastics, ice hockey and more. UVM's club sports are listed with other UVM clubs on the SGA's official list (though new ones are always being added and started by students: hint, hint) or see the club sports on our sports and clubs-at-a-glance (PDF).

Who is the competition? UVM club sports are not for the meek — many of the clubs compete at regional and national levels against other college and universities, and often win big.

Are club sports at UVM fun? Yes! Most club sports participants have voiced that it's the camaraderie that motivates them to hit the field, water, saddle, court (you get the idea). Students love being a part of these student-run organizations that usually contain both novice and skilled athletes, raising the bar for everyone on the team.

Who sponsors club sports? Club sports receive sponsorship through UVM's Student Government Association (SGA). Faculty and staff members often serve as advisor, coach, or head cheerleader for these clubs.

Last modified January 07 2013 02:40 PM