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iPhone/iTouch/iPad UVM Email


Configuring support for UVM Mail:

Apple mobile devices include support for the IMAP mail protocol which is used on UVM's centrally supported mail servers. Also included is support for address lookups using UVM's central directory server. Please note that downloading mail to an easily portable device such as an iPhone can have security implications. These devices can be lost easily. If you take no security precautions, anyone who recovers the device will be able to read all of your UVM mail messages and impersonate mail from you. For this reason, we urge you to install a passcode policy in addition to a UVM Mail configuration.

A. On mobile Safari, go to the URL:

B. Select the UVM Email mobileconfig file for your Apple Mobile device version from the list of available mobileconfig files

C. When prompted, select the "Install" option.

D. You will then be prompted to provide some additional information to complete the configuration. Owing to limitations in the structure of the config file, you will have to enter you credentials three times before completing the process. Enter your NetID, hit "Next", then your password, then "Next", and hit "done" when you receive the "Profile Installed" dialog

1. First, you must enter a friendly name for your new email account profile on the device. (A default value of "UVM Mail Account" is provided).

2. Next, you must enter your email address as it will appear on messages from you. (We recommend using the format)

3. Enter your UVM NetID when prompted from your IMAP account username

4. Enter your UVM NetID password when prompted for the outgoing mail server password.

5. The next two dialogs will appear much like the previous two... you will need to re-enter your UVM NetID and password for the outgoing (SMTP) mail server.

6. If you entered all information correctly, you will see a "profile installed successfully message. You then can access your email by going to the home page of your device, and tapping the "Mail" application.

7. If you do not see the "Profile Installed" dialog, you will will need to return to Safari and repeat the steps above.

8. You may want to update the friendly name that will be appended to mail messages sent from your device. To do this:

a. Open the "Settings" app.
b. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
c. Tap "UVM Mail Account"
d. Tap the area next to "Name" under "IMAP Account Information". Enter your name as you would like it displayed in email messages.
e. Exit the Settings app by pressing the home button.

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