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WLIT 095A ~ The Pen and the Sword
CRN: 93998

Instructor: Meaghan Emery Associate Professor of French More . . .

This course will explore the role French and Francophone intellectuals (actors, artists, film directors, writers, including playwrights and poets) played in Europe (France, England, Belgium) and in the United States in response to the Second World War. In spite of the lure of the ivory tower, some rose to what they saw as a moral urgency to enlist and/or engage in clandestine activities. Others chose other, less glorious routes, but were no less defiant against the overwhelming feeling of imminent disaster. Class discussion will focus on several motivating forces, including the notions of "glory" and "shame" as seen through the lenses of national and professional identity as well as through the lengthening scope of history. The main course objective is examining and weighing the political and ethical choices available to artists and intellectuals of the time period through in-class discussion and written assignments.

Requirements Satisfied: one Literature course
Meets: TR 11:30 am-12:45pm