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REL 020C ~ The Wheel and the Cross (Introduction to Comparative Religion)
CRN: 93315

Instructor: Kevin Trainor Professor of Religion More . . .

Whatever our religious backgrounds, most of us in the U.S. probably feel much more familiar with Christianity than Buddhism, and tend to separate the two traditions along a great East-West divide. This course aims to complicate that perspective. It provides an introduction to the study of religion through a detailed comparative analysis of these two traditions, illuminating some surprising similarities as well as important differences in their histories and practices. Students will have the opportunity to complete a ritual research project and present their research to the class.

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course and one non-European Cultures course
Meets: MWF 10:40am-11:30am

REL 023B ~ Bible: Origins and Community
CRN: 91891

Instructor: Anne Clark Professor of Religion More . . .

What is the Bible? Or rather, what are the Bibles? How were they made? By whom? And of course, why? In this class, we will examine the origins of "the Bible" to learn about the nature of religion as well as the origins of some of the religious traditions that have profoundly shaped the world. We will begin with the religious beliefs of the peoples of the ancient Near East, then turn to the development of ancient Israel, and finally, the emergence of the Christian movement. In looking at each of these closely related religious cultures, we will try to understand how the evidence of their beliefs and practices allows us to construct a picture of what we call religion.

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course
Meets: MWF 3:00pm-3:50pm