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PHYS 095A ~ Physics of Sports
CRN: 93869

Instructor: Adrian Del Maestro Assistant Professor of Physics More . . .

Since the dawn of the Olympics we have endeavored to excel at sports and games combining chance with strength, speed, and physical prowess. Now more than ever, our understanding of the science of human kinetics and the physical principles governing sports, allows us to be faster, higher, and stronger, with new records being broken every year. In this introductory level class, we will strive to understand the physics of sports, answering questions such as: Why are curve balls and knuckle balls so hard to hit? Why does a golf ball have dimples? Can science help your bowling score or free throw percentage? How are statisticians using mountains of data to create winning teams? Along the way we will learn about Newton's laws, momentum, work and energy, angular motion, heat and fluid dynamics. Prerequisites: High school Mathematics and Physics.

Requirements Satisfied: one non-lab Natural Science course
Meets: MWF 10:40am-11:30am