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BIOL 009A ~ Science as a Way of Knowing
CRN: 90700

Instructor: Jim Vigoreaux

Professor and Chair of Biology

Becky Miller, Lecturer in Biology Email

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Have you ever wondered where all that information in science books comes from? Do most scientists, like Archimedes, simply have eureka moments that reveal new knowledge, or is knowledge the result of a disciplined process of checks and balances? How are you to evaluate the plethora of scientific information in this age of modern medicine? This course tours the historical contributions and the development of important paradigms shaping modern biology. We will examine how people, through the ages, have thought about life and sought to understand it. In addition, we will discuss how science interacts with various aspects of modern culture including media, pop culture, public policy, and religion. You will be challenged to build a conceptual framework of current biological science through lively group discussions, scientific and expository writing, and critical evaluation of relevant scientific issues. In the end, you will see how science is one way of "knowing" about our world.

Note: Course does not count toward biology, zoology, biological sciences, plant biology, or neuroscience majors

Requirements Satisfied: one non-laboratory Natural Science course
Meets: MWF 1:55pm-2:45pm