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Sample Appointment Letters

Format for Preparing Appointment Letters
  • Use sample letters only.
  • Use the same font and font size throughout the letter.
  • Reduce font size and/or adjust margins to allow for a single page letter.
  • If two pages are absolutely necessary, include the addressee's last name and the page number in the bottom right-hand corner of each page (i.e., Smith, page 1 of 2; Smith, page 2 of 2).
  • Do not date letter (HR will date letter prior to mailing).
  • Type both the name and title of the Department Chair on the signature line.
  • Print on department letterhead.
  • Type (do not handwrite) the address on envelope.
Required Documents for Submission of Appointment Letters
    Submit to Arts and Sciences HR Business Office, 438 College Street:
  • The original appointment letter on department letterhead signed by the Chair. (The Business Office will prepare all tenure-track appointment letters.)
  • One copy of the appointment letter.
  • An addressed (typewritten) large envelope (used to mail multiple HR forms) for new hires or business-sized envelope for faculty reappointments.
  • A completed Personnel Action Set-up and Salary Distribution Form.

All posted as downloadable Microsoft Word documents. Right click (Windows) or click and hold (MacOS) and select "Save Link As..." to save the file to your hard disk.

1. Faculty Appointment Letters (Non-Union)

1.1 Lecturer, Part-Time

1.2 Lecturer, Part-Time with Enrollment Premium

1.3 Adjunct Appointment, Non-Salaried

1.4 Secondary Appointment, Non-Salaried

2. Faculty Appointment Letters (Full-Time Union)

2.1 Lecturer, One-Year Appointment, FTE of 75% or more

2.2 Lecturer, Two-Year Appointment, FTE of 75% or more

3. Faculty Appointment Letters (Part-Time Union)

3.1 Part-Time UA Lecturer

3.2 Part-Time UA Lecturer with Enrollment Premium

3.3 Part-Time UA Research or Clinical

4. Faculty Appointment Letters (Other)

4.1 ABD Hire/Ph.D. Completion Extension

4.2 Emeriti

4.3 Lecturer Confirming Appointment (Auto Reappointment List)

4.4 Non Retention Letter

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