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The ALANA Student Center has multiple opportunities for ALANA (people of color and bi-/multi-racial) alumni to stay engaged with our community!

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Alumni Initiatives Advisory Group

A small group of current ALANA and bi-/multi-racial undergraduates and young alumni are convened on a semesterly basis to provide feedback and vision for the ALANA Student Center's involvement in a variety of initiatives, including any of the events/programs below. The group meetings are facilitated by an ASC staff member. Participation in this group allows students to:

  • Give thoughtful reflection on logistics and mission in order to maximize the appeal and relevance to current undergraduate students
  • Play a volunteer role in shaping the services/programs of the ASC and its collaboration with the Alumni Association
  • Promote a continued relationship with the university and ALANA community post-graduation

If you are a current undergraduate or a recent alum and would like more information about how you may become involved in this advisory group, contact

ALANA Alumni & Junior/Senior Mentoring Program

The mentoring program matches current ALANA undergraduate juniors and seniors with ALANA alumni in order provide mentorship, advice and counseling as the students transition toward graduation. Students may wish to take advantage of this opportunity as they work toward completing their Career Success Action Plan. Student mentees must be motivated and able to work independently with their mentors. Mentors must be responsive and attentive to the needs of the graduating student they have committed to mentor. Mentees are recruited by the ALANA Student Center staff; Mentors are recruited and matched by the Alumni Association. Possible benefits from participation in this program include:

  • Assistance with graduate school preparation
  • Moral/emotional support navigating the transition challenges that the student faces
  • Opportunity to find out about job/internship opportunities within the students' chosen field
  • Obtaining reliable information about cities or regions to which the graduating student is moving

If you are ready to enroll, please fill out one of these brief applications in order to match you with an alumni or junior/senior: JUNIOR/SENIOR MENTEE APPLICATION ALUMNI MENTOR APPLICATION.

Enrollment in the mentor matching program is ongoing. If you are a current undergraduate and would like more information about how you may become involved in this matching program, contact Alumni can contact

ALANA (Alumni of Color) Reunion

Alumni Association is hard at work preparing for the second ever ALANA Alumni Reunion will be held on March 22, 2014. Alumni can register now to visit Burlington and participate in many opportunities and events selected or developed specifically to welcome African American, Latin@, Asian American, Native American, and Bi-/multi-racial alumni back to their alma mater. As the Alumni Association Diversity Committee and other alumni volunteer groups such as the ALANA Affinity group continue to develop more ALANA-focused outreach and programs, we are bound to see many more reunions like this one!

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in the Alumni Association's activities such as the ALANA (Alumni of Color) Reunion, visit the Alumni Association website, or you can contact or

Alumni Association ALANA Affinity Program

All alumni interested in UVM's continued commitment to diversity and who wish to remain connected to other alum who share their social identities may join an affinity group! The affinity program offers opportunities for alumni of shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and regional structure. Examples of these may include:

  • Identity-based (ALANA, Greek, Hillel, LGBT)
  • Student activity involvement (Outing Club, student leaders, The Cynic, WRUV)
  • Professional/career affiliation (environmental, legal, entrepreneurs, educators)
  • Regional programs (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida)

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in the Alumni Association's Affinity Program and help us start an ALANA Affinity Program, visit the Alumni Association website.


The University Foundation, ALANA Student Center, and UVM Alumni Association have partnered to allow opportunities for all alumni to make contributions to support racial/ethnic diversity on campus. Any member of our campus or alumni community can make a gift that allows us to enhance the services, facilities and programs that retain students of color, educate the community about racial and social justice, and promote an inclusive climate. Every Spring semester a group of current ALANA undergraduates and young alum participate in a phone-a-thon in order to make a personal connection and provide an update about the campus life. Individuals can also navigate to the UVM Foundation website and make an online pledge by typing in "ALANA Fund," in the "other" box. For more information about making a financial gift to support ALANA initiatives, you can contact

UVM Homecoming ALANA Alumni Networking Dinner & Panel

This annual event is held during UVM Homecoming & Reunion. Every year alums and undergraduate students alike get to reflect upon their stories and memories of UVM. Featuring a buffet dinner, networking tables with alums, and a panel discussion, the event offers advice and examples of resilience and determination that can help solve the question every ALANA student must answer for his or herself as they prepare for life post-graduation: "What's the Big Payoff" for a UVM education? For more information or If you are interested in becoming a panelist or alumni networker, contact

This event is free but seating is limited and registration is online through the Homecoming website.

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