Judith Van Houten Appointed on Two National
Committees and Elected Fellow of VAAS

Judith Van Houten

June 2010
Judith Van Houten, University Distinguished Professor and Vermont State EPSCoR and IDeA Director, was elected Vice- Vice Chair of the NSF EPSCoR Project Director's Executive Committee at the May 2010 Project Directors Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. There are 29 EPSCoR states and jurisdictions including Vermont.
Dr. Van Houten also assumes the Chair of the National IDeA PI Association Council Executive Committee in June 2010. Currently she serves as Vice-Chair.
The Vermont Academy of Arts & Science (VAAS) Board of Trustees elected Dr. Judith Van Houten as a Fellow of the Academy in 2010. The Board recognized Dr. Van Houten for her "work as a scientist and as a teacher and mentor to students which together have made a substantial impact on life and conditions in Vermont." The Board went on the cite especially Dr. Van Houten's contributions as the "Vermont State Director of EPSCoR, the HELiX Program, and the Vermont Genetics Network". Of particular note was her "work to keep students interested in science". Dr. Van Houten will be presented with her award at the annual conference, this year on "Utilizing Wood Chips as a Source of Renewable Energy" at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont on October 2, 2010.
The VAAS Fellow criteria states that Fellows must: "have made an extraordinary contribution in or to the arts, humanities, science or teaching; Contributions must have made a substantial impact on the life and conditions in Vermont..."

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