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picture of Marc Hull Dr. Hull and Dr. Gross at the UVM Graduation Ceremony in 2002. The first cohort of VMI graduates received their Master's Degree.

The Vermont Mathematics Initiative is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Marc E. Hull, the Vermont Commissioner of Education at the founding of the VMI and my close personal friend and mentor.

The VMI owes its existence to his dedication to the children of Vermont.

Kenneth I. Gross
VMI Founder


Begun in 1999, the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) represents a collaboration of the University of Vermont, other Vermont institutions of higher education, the Vermont State Agency of Education, and Vermont school districts. The VMI is open to all teachers from pre-kindergarten through high school. Teachers who enroll in VMI can earn either a Master of Science in Teaching (MST) degree from the UVM Department of Mathematics and Statistics or, with additional coursework and a final e-portfolio, a Master of Education (M.Ed) degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the UVM Department of Education.

The mission of the VMI is to support highly effective mathematics instruction across the entire state of Vermont so that all children can learn the rigorous mathematics needed for success in higher education and the workplace. The VMI is founded on the principle that strong mathematics content knowledge of teachers is prerequisite to enhanced pedagogy and higher student achievement.

The Marc Hull Doctrine: Whatever you do in education—teaching, professional development, administration, assessment—always keep the child in the foreground, especially the child who has no other champion.

At the heart of the VMI is the concept of building a cadre of mathematics teacher leaders across the state who are deeply knowledgeable in mathematics content and can apply their knowledge to improve mathematics instruction. In turn, these teacher leaders serve as mathematics resources to other teachers in their school and/or district in the teaching and learning of mathematics. To date VMI has trained 435 teacher leaders representing 97% of Vermont school districts. An additional 800 teachers have taken sustained in-depth VMI courses. In all, Vermont teachers who have taken VMI courses teach about 15,000 Vermont students annually.

Formal evaluation studies, begun in 2004, have consistently indicated that the VMI has had a profound impact on the teachers themselves, their classroom practice, and most importantly students in schools having VMI teachers. The VMI is also having an impact beyond Vermont, where the program is proving effective in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

The VMI Professional Development Model

The VMI is a two-stage "train the trainer" model.

The first stage is completion of the VMI Profesional Development Program—a three-year, 12 course, 36 credit program—which trains teachers to be mathematics teacher leaders, thereby building capacity in schools and districts for improving mathematics instruction.

The second stage is the District or Regional Implementation component in which the VMI trained mathematics teacher leaders in a district are utilized to reach all K-8 teachers in the district.

Additional VMI service to Vermont

VMI is the only entity within Vermont that provides extensive, comprehensive content-based professional development for teachers in the area of mathematics. VMI personnel deliver regional trainings and workshops across the state and work collaboratively with the Vermont Agency of Education around issues related to mathematics education.

As well, VMI personnel assist individual schools and districts by providing on-site services such as in-service sessions, in-classroom mentoring, after school workshops, and advising administrators on mathematics education issues.

Questions about the VMI? Email us at or call 1-802-656-4281.