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R25 Plugin Help

If you're seeing this, one of the values in your link wasn't correct (or none were specified). Here's how they should work:

The "short" room name must be used. A room list is available.
Valid types are available from this type list.
The names of available organizations and departments can be found in this organization list
The custom tag can be used to display specially designated categories of events. Valid values are:
start= and end=
Start and end dates must be specified in the form "2020-07-11 ". The start date defaults to today, the end date defaults to 1 week after the start date.
The time period can be specified in days. For instance, period=30 would show 30 days worth of events.
Specify a category like "Hot Event".
You can set the display format to column, table, or calendar.
When framed=true the event output will be placed in an iframe. Particularly useful for table style output.
The default behavior of the plugin is to display everything, regardless of it's "display on campus calendar" status. If you would like only campus calendar events, include &cconly at the end of the url.

R25 Header Content

You can include content above an R25 page by creating a file called r25_header.html in the directory where the plugin is called. The contents of this file will be automatically included above all R25 pages called in that directory.

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