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Climate Change

The websites listed on this page span the range from present-day climate change and past climate conditions (as extracted from palaeoclimate and documentary records), to adaptation and mitigation strategies as well as attribution studies. Most of the sites are either governmental or academic in nature. Resources for educators and kids are also included.

Government Agency Sites
Academic / Non-government Agencies

K-12 Resources

Climate literacy

"Today more than ever, being climate literate is a critical skill and knowledge area that influences our interaction with the environment around us, our understanding of scientific news and the daily decisions that we make. Climate literacy deals with the complexity and interconnectedness of hydrometeorologic patterns (e.g. droughts, cold spells) over space and time, the role that humans exert and the ability to "act accordingly" having understood the above, as well as the recognition of bias or the change in behavior due to a deeper appreciation of an issue or concept" (Dupigny-Giroux, 2010)

This page brings together some of the leading peer-reviewed and vetted resources around achieving a climate literate citizenry.

Climate Literacy Resources

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