Historical Weather Documents

Acknowledgement: The generous support of the CDMP, local researchers and all who have responded to the call for historical weather information, is very gratefully acknowledged.

The Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) is managed by the National Climatic Data Center in partnership with the Regional and State Climate Centers. The program creates an online, password-protected, digital database of historical weather and climate data. This database is created by scanning original documents and keying the numerical information by hand. Some of the earliest records were kept at at U.S. military forts in the 1800s, such as Burlington and Lunenburg(h). Others were acquired at civilian stations. This site catalogues some of the records that exist at historical societies, museums and in personal diaries across Vermont. The images below are historical weather documents found in journals, newpapers, and other correspondence that have been scanned and put online for educational purposes (acknowlegement is required).

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