The Facility is located at :
305 Health Science Research Facility
Telephone: 656-2557

Microarray Core Policies

Affymetrix GeneChip technology provides efficient access to genetic information using miniaturized, high-density arrays of oligonucleotide probes. The arrays are manufactured by Affymetrix's proprietary, light-directed chemical synthesis process, which combines solid-phase chemical synthesis with photolithographic fabrication techniques employed in the semiconductor industry. The GeneChip price list can be found by contacting Affymetrix. UVM currently has discounted pricing and is available at the facility and on the website.

We encourage you to check our website prior to starting any new experiment. This will provide you useful information and answer some of your questions.

Affymetrix recommends a test array for every new experiment and we are requiring the target evaluation with a Test chip. The core facility will provide the Test Chip and the cost is included in the charge. However you are required to provide a chip specific for your organism. Please bring only the chips your current experiment requires. The Core is not responsible for lost or damaged chips left in our possession after your experiment is completed. Please note that there will be no refund for poor result. If the Gene Chip array is found to be faulty at the time of hybridization and/or analysis, a new array will be provided by Affymetrix at no cost, but the core facility charges will still apply. It can take 4 weeks or more for Affymetrix to send a replacement chip.

Data are made available to you in the form of a CD. We suggest that you make your own backups. The Core is not responsible for lost data. In the event you require a member of the Core to retrieve data files for you a charge will apply. A limited consultation regarding data analysis is available but we will not analyze the data for you.

RNA samples having too much degradation will not be processed. If, upon further discussion, the user insists on having the samples processed the Principal Investigator will have to make the request. The PI will have to inform Dr. Chaudhry by email of their decision. Please note that, if you ask us to process such a sample we will NOT be responsible for poor results. A second analysis will NOT be done free of charge.

Users assure that all RNA samples were obtained with appropriate animal research committee approval and human subjects protection committee approval. Any samples obtained from cells infected with potential pathogens must be declared.

The UVM Microarray Core Facility reserves the right to use all data from hybridizations performed in the facility for the purpose of assessing quality of data generated in the facility and for the development of quantitation and analysis tools. The data will be used in a strictly anonymous.