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Untitled Document General Information about the L/L SURF Suite

UVM on-campus residents seeking to continue student housing in the Fall:
Applications for fall semester become available on the Living / Learning Center Program page during the spring semester. Watch for announcements or check the L/L website. Notification of acceptance is traditionally made in late June or early July. On rare occasions, if a suite resident graduates in December an open space becomes available. Check with the L/L Director's Office for that possibility.

Incoming 1st-year students seeking a quiet, academically-focused living situation:
Applications become available in late spring and continue through June. The SURF suite accepts second, third or fourth year undergraduates first but a well-written, focused application from a 1st year student may be considered if a space is available. If accepted to the SURF Suite, notification will be made in July.

Remember: First and foremost, the L/L SURF Suite is for students who seek a quiet, academically-focused environment to be shared with others with similar preferences.

The SURF Suite is for students interested in educational achievement and academic success. It brings together students focused on their academic careers and provides a supportive environment to those who aspire to:

  • Enrich their education through guest speakers and group discussion
  • Improve reading skills through group selection of books and group discussion
  • Improve writing through journaling or reflection papers
  • Plan and conduct academically-oriented programs and events of service to the Living / Learning and university community
  • Network with UVM faculty, staff and students from all colleges and majors
  • Conduct academic, scholarly research as an undergraduate with a UVM faculty mentor
  • Earn a degree beyond the bachelors, and
  • Remain on a college campus to teach or conduct scholarly research

View the 2009 - 2010 SURF Suite program brochure.

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