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New Studies Say Greenland’s Ice Sheet Could Melt Far Faster Than Scientists Believed

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How fast will Greenland melt in a warming world? Two first-of-their-kind studies in the journal Nature,  including one led by UVM geologist Paul Bierman, attracted massive international and national press attention—including stories in Time, the BBC, and Scientific American. The studies looked many milliions of years father back into the geological record than previous techniques allowed--and came to seemingly contradictory results about how extensive the ice was in Greenland's ancient past. However, closer examination of the results show that the two studies explored different parts of this massive island and may both be right. Other media coverage included Nature's news service, the Chirstian Science Monitor, Popular Science, AOL, Agence France-Presse, Huffington Post, Daily Mail (UK), Japan Times, and dozens of other outlets.