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'Most Dangerous Philosopher in the West' to Give 'Buddhism Naturalized' Talk Oct. 16

Internationally known philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek will give a talk, "Buddhism Naturalized," on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 3:30 p.m. in Ira Allen Chapel.

Žižek's 1989 book The Sublime Object of Ideology (Verso) garnered him attention from academic circles around the world, and in the years since, his thought-provoking writings on film, culture, music, politics and more have cemented his status as public intellectual.

Reads one biography on the European Graduate School website, where Žižek conducts a summer seminar: "Žižek's work can be characterized as vibrant, full of humor, blatant disregard for distinctions between high and low forms of culture, and his work and presence has gathered him critical acclaim as a superstar in the world of contemporary theory."

He has been called "the most dangerous philosopher in the West" and the "Elvis of cultural theory." He is the author of more than 50 books, including his recent magnum opus on Hegel, Less Than Nothing (Verso, 2012).

His UVM lecture is sponsored by the English Department through the James and Mary Buckham Fund.