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Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration Kristallnacht 1938 by Alan E. Steinweis: Book Cover Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany Zeitgelchichte book by Schraf Wiedergut Nazi Germany and the Arab World Holocaust Memory in a Globalizing World
Business ad Industry in Nazi Germany Studying the Jew Medicine and the Medical Ethics in Nazi Germany The Columbia Guide to Studying the Holocaust »Wer bleibt, opfert seine Jahre, vielleicht sein Leben« Dokumente zur Geschichte des deutschen Zionismus 1933–1941
Art, Ideology, and Economics in Nazi Germany Coping with the Nazi Past Genocide Studies and Prevention CEH The Impact of Nazism:  Alan E. Steinweis Fleeing and hiding
 Submerged Jews in Munich - tracking experience and postwar life
The Holocaust Personal Accounts History and Memory The Arts in Nazi Germany The Third Reich and the Palestine Question:  Francis R. Nicosia Journal of Contemporary History
Journal of European Studies Hefte Von Auschwitz Nicosia Nicosia The Current Issue German Yearbook of Contemporary History
KN Reclam German

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Law Wilhelm Lehmann Exil und Shoah


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