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Complex Systems

Complex SystemsThe Complex Systems (CSYS) Center is an emerging strength at UVM, one where the institution has already begun to assert leadership. CSYS research uses sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to analyze real-world challenges, from developing next-generation information technology for a national smart grid to mapping the global influence of social media.

UVM has an outstanding cadre of nationally recognized junior faculty and several senior faculty who have developed well-cited Complex Systems scholarship in their disciplines, and have attracted significant funding as well as public and private partnerships to the University. The Center also has high potential for collaboration across disciplines, engaging UVM faculty in many areas, including, among others, the environment, health, materials science, the arts, psychology, biosciences, and multiscale modeling.

With a focus area in Complex Systems, UVM will distinguish itself as a place where scholars take an intellectually rigorous approach to "systems thinking" in tackling a variety of scientific and real-world problems across the natural, physical, and social domains.

Initiative Director: Peter Dodds, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program Coordinator: Andrea (Andi) Elledge
Complex Systems Center Website:

Steering Committee

Peter Dodds, Department of Mathematics & Statistics (Chair)
Joshua Bongard, Department of Computer Science (Vice Chair)
Jason Bates, Department of Medicine and School of Engineering
Christopher Danforth, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Paul Hines, School of Engineering
Christopher Koliba, Department of Community Development & Applied Economics
David Novak, School of Business Administration
Brian Tivnan, UVM Complex Systems Center Affiliate; MITRE Chief Engineer, Modeling & Simulation Department;
      Site Leader, MITRE-Burlington

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