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Visitor Parking at UVM

The term "visitor" is defined as any person who is not registered or pre-registered for classes and is not employed or temporarily employed by the University. The University is unable to provide visitor parking for Redstone Loft and Redstone Apartments visitors.

During enforced periods, visitors must pay at a Pay Station, a parking meter Parking Meter, or may purchase a temporary parking permit from the Transportation and Parking office, which is open weekdays from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

UVM Students

Persons identified as UVM students may pay to park in green or gold hooded meters. UVM students are not eligible to use "visitor only" parking meters (grey hooded) during enforced periods, regardless of payment.

UVM students cannot use Pay-By-Space areas at Jeffords Lot during enforced periods, regardless of payment. The College Street Pay-By-Space is available weekdays after 3:30pm, with payment. UVM Students are not allowed to use the Pay-By-Space parking kiosk at Gutterson at any time. UVM students cannot use "Visitor" parking permits at any time.

Visitors to Students Residing on Campus

Because of space limitations, enforcement is done in lots identified as primary residential parking areas 24 hours a day, including weekends (Resident Red, Resident Blue, Resident Purple, Resident Black). Any vehicle not displaying the appropriate parking permit will be found in violation. Short-term meters are located near residence halls, and longer-term parking can be located at the Gutterson Garage facility, either through the Pay-By-Space system. Payment at this facility is cash or credit card, or the option of using Parkmobile (pay by cell).

Parking lots used primarily for "Employee" parking (Green and White lots with "E"), are not enforced for parking permits after 6:00pm weekdays (until 7:00am next weekday), and all weekend. Many of these lots are located close to residence halls.

Parking at Gutterson Garage facility is free after 3:30pm on weekdays (until 7:00am next weekday), and all weekend. It is recommended persons parking at the Gutterson Garage facility take heed of any parking notice indicating upcoming partial lot closures to avoid a violation, or possible towing, of their vehicle due to maintenance or a special event.

Pay-by-Space Lots

Designated daytime visitor areas are located at the College St. Visitor Lot located near the intersection of College and South Prospect Streets; adjacent to PFG Complex and Gutterson Fieldhouse; and the Jeffords Building.

Parking Meters

Meters are available in zoned parking areas and metered areas. Payment at parking meters is coin only. Payment must be made for time parked during enforced periods. Parking beyond time paid during enforced periods will result in a violation. Meters specifically designated for Fleming Museum visitors require a special permit obtained from the Museum.

Parkmobile Pay by Cell

The University of Vermont visitor parkers also have the choice of an additional payment option and are able to pay for visitor parking with their cell phone. It's easy -- just download the Parkmobile app, enter the zone number shown on the Parkmobile Signs, your space number, and enter the length of stay you want. That's it. To make life even easier, you can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire. Parking sessions may be extended by phone as long as the parking session has not reached the maximum time limit for the particular meter. Don't have a smart phone, no worries! Users can call their payment in to Parkmobile (1-877-727-5010) as intstructed on the signs as well. Parkmobile is available at all campus parking meters and the Gutterson, Jeffords and College Street pay kiosks. Current campus parking restrictions and regulations apply.

Parking for Guests of University Departments

If the visit is on UVM business, a hosting UVM department can purchase temporary parking permits for visitors, which must be displayed in the visitor's vehicle. Alternately, the hosting UVM department can arrange for their guests to use a Visitor Code (sometimes also referred to as a "validation code") to use in the Pay Station lots; subsequent charges will be sent to the hosting UVM department. The rates at pay stations are $1.00 per hour or $8.00 per day.

University departments may order permits through the Visitor Permit Request Form. Visitor permit parking rates are: $1.50 per hour or $12.00 per day for Green. White and Brown zone permits are $1.00/hr, at hourly increments, or $8.00/day.

Note: With few exceptions, visitors to the Given area will be directed to the Gutterson Lot.

Temporary Parking Permit Types

Please see TPS Campus Map for designated lot locations

  • Green
  • White
  • Brown
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