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The Transportation and Parking Services Family

UVM Transportation and Parking Services is a group of professional and dedicated support staff who administrate transportation and parking services for the UVM community. The unit's staff footprint is made up of three groups: executive and front office, transportation, and parking. Together each unit contributes a vital part of fulfilling the TPS mission, which is a critical support for the University's future.

Our Goal is that You Will...

  • Use alternative transportation where available to Commute to campus
  • Use UVM Transportation whenever possible to move around campus
  • Use Parking resources effectively
  • Tell Us how we're doing and what you would like to see changed

Our Mission

UVM's commitment to environmental innovation inspires us to manage the load on our transportation and parking resources. We have developed and promote a holistic view of the intertwining nature of the surrounding transportation systems, the UVM transportation system, and parking.

It is our hope that when parking demand is well-managed, and supplemented by high-quality and available transportation resources, then the organization will be free to make the shrewdest investments in land-use and create the highest quality of life for its members.

The Department of Transportation and Parking Services is largely self-supported through user fees and revenues generated from operating the UVM transportation and parking system.

Commuting Resources

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UVM's services to students, employees and visitors start at the level of regional transportation, through the development and promotion of a robust set of commuting resources. Growing participation in "alternative" transportation helps UVM improve the quality of life on campus and in the community.

TPS Director Jim Barr sets the tone for the department and champions our commitment to supporting UVM's stake in regional transportation planning through board work, participation in conferences, and applied research.

The department plays a decisive role in local transportation planning through membership in organizations such as CATMA and through strategic partnerships with CCTA, CarShare Vermont, and others.

Parking Services

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UVM Parking manages approximately 5,200 spaces in 45 lots across UVM's expansive 451-acre campus.

The job of designing the permit products is shared between Customer Service Manager Mary Provost and Parking Enforcement Supervisor Ben Burns. Mary oversees the TPS Front Office; Ben oversees the parking enforcement officers and the rest of their field operations (such as handing vehicle lockouts, traffic control for events, temporary and permanent signage, etc.).

Transportation Services

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UVM Transportation operates a fleet of buses and smaller vehicles. Wise investments in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as well as in-house garage resources, and highly professionalized staff who emphasize safety and a service footprint characterized by wide service hours make the UVM Transportation model respected among its peers.

Transportation Director Mike Altman leads the transportation unit and is ultimately responsible for route scheduling and all aspects of service.

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TPS Office
38 Fletcher Pl
Burlington, VT 05405

phone: 802-656-8686
fax: 802-656-6550

Extended Hours
Sunday, January 13, 2019
Noon -- 4pm
Monday, January 14, 2019
7:30am -- 6pm
Regular Office Hours
Mon-Thur 7:30am -- 4:00pm Fridays 7:30am -- 3:00pm

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