Please read carefully the instructions below to prepare your reimbursement request.

If you have any questions, please contact

General information for all participants

Expenses incurred for travel, lodging, and meals only will be reimbursed, with appropriate documentation. (In particular there is no "per diem" and meal receipts must be furnished for reimbursement.) Appropriate documentation means an original receipt showing the total amount paid and the method of payment (for a credit card this must include the last four digits of the card). You may submit a scan of your receipts, but please keep all originals until you get your reimbursement check, as you may be asked to mail in original receipts.

Please note that only documented expenses will be reimbursed; if your documented expenses are lower than the funding amount you have been offered, you will not be reimbursed for unallowable or undocumented expenses.

All plane travel must be booked according to the guidelines of the Fly America Act, which roughly states that, except under certain circumstances stated in the link provided, all flights must be booked on US flag carriers. In addition, all flights must be booked in coach class. Finally, if you travel by plane please submit your flight itinerary along with your receipt.

If you would like to be reimbursed for mileage for travel in your personal car, please include this information, and the departure and arrival address of your trip.

Please note that UVM will not reimburse for any insurance (either car insurance on a rental car or travel protection for a flight).

Please note that all reimbursement requests must be received by the University within 30 days of the end of the conference.

Required documentation

Apart from the receipts necessary to document the expenses, as stated above, additional documentation is necessary to process the reimbursement, depending on the visa status of the person requesting reimbursement.

Please note that depending on your particular situation, you may be asked to fill in more forms, as necessary.

To submit your reimbursement, please collate all of your receipts (but remember to keep all originals until you have been reimbursed!) and documentation as requested below into one pdf file entitled firstname_lastname_Witt. Then use UVM File Transfer to share your file with the email address UVM File Transfer is a secure way to share your personal information so it is only accessible to authorized UVM personnel.

US citizen and permanent residents (green card holders)

These participants should attach to their receipts the following form: Dept of Math and Stats reimbursement form.

All others

These participants should attach to their receipts the following information: