Vermont Dual Enrollment

A statewide program for high school students, juniors and seniors, to access up to two college courses with tuition fully reimbursed through a voucher system approved by their high schools.

A voucher only covers the cost of tuition (up to four credits). Students are responsible for the Comprehensive Fee and, if applicable, specific lab/studio/program fees. Please go to Tuition and Fees and refer to “**Part-Time Student Fees.”

The Cost of parking, books and transportation to/from the University is not included.

Who’s Eligible?

High school students who are Vermont state residents are eligible for two vouchers during their junior or senior years in high school. Students are not eligible to use a voucher the summer after they have graduated from high school. Students must apply for a voucher for the semester they wish to enroll in a dual enrollment course and seek approval by their high school. Students who attend an independent high school and are not tuitioned there by their hometown, are not eligible for a voucher.

Program Details:

Dual Enrollment – How To Videos