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UVM Logo CircleUVM offers motivated students an academically challenging experience designed to bring out their best. Our faculty are gifted teachers who inspire students; where learning is not limited by the classroom walls. We encourage and promote many kinds of experiential learning. Every year, UVM places students in the country’s top graduate and professional programs and helps them gain jobs and launch careers. Students discover and hone their potential at UVM.

Students may begin college studies while still in high school.

Students may use any one of several pre-college opportunities to get ahead of the competition when it comes time to apply for college
admission. UVM Pre-College Programs have many ways for high school
students to:

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Demonstrate their ability to college recruiters
  • Take a challenging or unique course not offered in their high school

High school students or graduates may earn college credit in one or more courses alongside peers and undergraduates. UVM offers entry level courses both on campus and online year round in a variety of subject areas. Course credits are transferable within UVM and other institutions.

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How it Works

Who Should Apply

  • Highly-motivated students interested in being challenged by college-level academics
  • Students interested in attending the University of Vermont
  • Students who want to explore a field of study
  • Busy athletes whose schedule requires flexibility

“I took Calculus 1 over the summer and found it very beneficial because I had just taken it in high school so it was pretty easy and it let me jump right into Calculus 2 in the fall. As a math major, this jumpstarted my college career in a great way. I was also going into college as a 16 almost 17 year old, so the program helped ease me into the college life and prepare for the real thing.”

Olivia Myers Lisbon, NH