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Health: Adv Medical Equipment Systems

HLTH 135 OL1 (CRN: 11027)

3 Credit Hours

About HLTH 135 OL1

Covers imaging systems: x-ray, fluoroscopy. CT scanners, MRI, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. Also clinical laboratory equipment, surgery devices, healthcare networks/IT, dialysis systems, and physical therapy equipment. Online.



Open to Degree and CDE students

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Section Description

This course is an introduction into advanced medical equipment systems with modules covering all clinical imaging modalities, surgical systems, radiation and physical therapy equipment, clinical laboratory equipment, and networks connected to medical devices. Learning Objectives (1) Provide a basic understanding of the technology associated with advanced medical equipment systems. (2) Provide a methodology for participants to improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of advanced technologies through proper use, an understanding of safety issues, and appropriate maintenance. (3) Help students better communicate with technical staff, other clinicians, administrators, and equipment vendors. (4) Develop the student’s interest, and prepare them for further study and more advanced application of the principles.

Section Expectation

No textbook is required for the course - all content is online. The course will utilize web-based content including text, photos, diagrams, flow charts, other figures, video, audio, links to other websites, interactive tools, and other web attributes to deliver content to students. The topics to be included for each medical technology covered in this course are: (1) Device principles, (2) Proper clinical application, (3) Patient safety, (4) Common device/technique problems and resolution (5) Care, maintenance, and quality assurance, and (6) Technology management


Student Evaluation and Grading (1) Five Quizzes - each 7 points (35 points total) There will be a five question quiz after completion of grouped topics. Quizzes will primarily be multiple choice, True/False, and Matching Questions. There will be a time limit of 20 minutes for each quiz. (2) Two Exams - each 25 points (50 points total) Exams will occur approximately half way through the course and at the end of the course. Each exam will cover one half of the course. Exams will be 75 minutes with 20-25 questions to complete. (3) Three Discussion Questions – each 5 points (15 points total) The discussion board will be an important part of the course. Discussion topics will be presented and students are asked to respond. Students are also expected to respond to at least one other student posting to the discussion question. An Optional Extra Credit Report can also be completed to add up to 5 points to your grade. Final Grades The letter grade shown corresponds to the final numeric grade which will be shown in My Grades. A+ = 97.5 - 100 A = 92.5-97.4 A- = 90-92.4 B+ = 87.5-89.9 B = 82.5-87.4 B- = 80-82.4 C+ = 77.5-79.9 C = 72.5-77.4 C- = 70 -72.4 D = 60-69.9 F = <60

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