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Art Studio: Drawing

ARTS 001 OL2 (CRN: 61787)

4 Credit Hours

About ARTS 001 OL2

Introductory study of visual experience through drawing and its transformation of the three-dimensional visual world onto a two-dimensional surface. Emphasis varies with Instructor.


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Dates: June 20 - July 14, 2023; Asynchronous online course

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Section Description

This course introduces drawing and several techniques used by artists. Topics and methods explored in this course may include: observational drawing, simple artist books, conceptual mark making and drawing as performance. Drawing will be examined though class projects, looking at artist works and through reading and discussion.

Section Expectation

This is a foundation level course, and as such, no prior experience with drawing is required. A willing and curious attitude towards your learning process will benefit students. Students will be given a list of supplies to purchase for this course.


This is an asynchronous course. Students will be graded on homework, projects, mid-term and final reflections, and reading discussion responses.




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