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Psychological Science: Research Methods

PSYS 053 OL3 (CRN: 61782)

3 Credit Hours

About PSYS 053 OL3

Basic course in principles of research methodology, including design and reporting. Prepares students to understand and evaluate psychological research in a variety of areas of psychology. Prerequisite: PSYS 001.


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Dates: July 3 - August 11, 2023 Prereq: PSYS 001; Asynchronous online

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This course is meant to enhance your understanding of the scientific method and help you appreciate how the scientific method help us figure out what’s true, what might be true, and what’s fiction. Discussion of the scientific method as it applies to the study of human & rodent behavior, including but not limited to the philosophy of science, ethics in research, observational studies, single-subject designs, correlational studies, experimental designs, reliability and validity, and communication of research results. The specific learning goals are: 1) understand key scientific concepts and terminology, 2) learn about and identify major methods of research and their strengths and weaknesses 3) understand a little bit about statistics, 4) critically evaluate scientific claims reported in journals, textbooks, or popular media. Note: This course is part of a pilot program that will be using Brightspace, UVM's new learning platform that's replacing Blackboard. Since only a limited number of courses will be piloting Brightspace this coming semester, you may have courses in Blackboard as well. For more information on Brightspace:

Section Expectation

This class uses an asynchronous online format - meaning that all materials will be posted at the beginning of the semester (with some exceptions). There will be specific due dates for assignments, quizzes, and exams to make sure everyone stays on track. These can be completed earlier than the deadline but not after. The lectures will be a mix of recorded videos, blog posts, readings, and/or slides. In order to succeed you should: consistently watch lectures; complete all of your assignments in timely manner; complete readings before the lecture, be clear and timely about circumstances that may affect coursework.


A mix of weekly quizzes, assignments, a project presentation, and exams.




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