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English: FW: Written Expression

ENGS 001 Z1 (CRN: 61623)

3 Credit Hours

About ENGS 001 Z1

A foundational composition course featuring a sequence of writing, reading, and information literacy assignments. Students learn to write and revise for different rhetorical situations while increasing their mastery of academic conventions. Some sections designed for specific student audiences.


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Dates: July 3 - July 28, 2023;

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Section Description

This course is an introductory writing course designed to help students hone their writing skills in a number of different areas. Types of writing will range from expressive work involving description and narrative, to more analytical types of work, to research. Students will choose their own subjects within the context of the focus of each assignment (ie-- students will choose what they will research). Emphasis will be on writing as a process, and each essay will move from discovery of idea, to rough draft(s), to final draft.

Section Expectation

The course will be run like a workshop, with emphasis on student work in process, and in-class writing exercises keyed to the writing assignment being worked on. Attendance and participation is expected, as is meeting the due dates of out of class writing including rough drafts. There will be frequent peer review of drafts of work in process.


Grades will be based on essays produced for the course, assuming attendance, participation, and timely completion of assignments.




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