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Physics: Physics for Engineers I

PHYS 031 OL1 (CRN: 61296)

4 Credit Hours

About PHYS 031 OL1

Mechanics including oscillations and waves. With lab. Accompanying optional problem-solving session: PHYS 030. Prerequisite: MATH 021 or MATH 023.


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Dates: July 3 - August 11, 2023 Prereq: Math 021; Lab is rolled into course; Synchronous online

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Section Description

A first semester introductory calculus based college physics course mainly for students aiming to major in Engineering and any other student who needs a physics course. Students will be presented with the topics of linear and rotational motion, kinematic, momentum, and energy; as well as conservation laws and oscillations. The course goals are for students to develop both a qualitative (conceptual) and quantitative (calculus based problem-solving) understanding of each of these topics.

Section Expectation

Course Learning Objectives Successfully completing this course means that you can • Utilize one- and two-dimensional kinematics equations to analyze and predict motion. • Measure outcomes of hands-on activities and justify physical laws based on experimental evidence. • Calculate properties such as acceleration, kinetic and potential energy, linear and angular momentum, and different types of forces. • Utilize conservation laws (such as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum) to understand interactions and determine outcomes.


Each student will receive a total grade based on the grades of the exams, homework, pre-lecture, and in-class assignments. The individual components will be scaled and converted to letter grades. The tentative evaluation criteria is as follows 2 or 3 Mid-terms 30% Final: 15% (see test schedule on first page of syllabus) Pre-Lecture Reading Quizzes: 5% In-class (Learning Catalytics): 30% (participation and correctness) Homework 20%




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