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Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food Microbiology

NFS 203 OL1 (CRN: 61275)

3 Credit Hours

About NFS 203 OL1

Desirable and undesirable activities of bacteria in foods. Mechanisms of food-borne infection and intoxication. Laboratory methods to enumerate and identify microorganisms associated with food. Prerequisite: NFS 153 or Instructor permission. Co-requisite: NFS 213.



Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2023; Asynchronous online

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This course is a course on evaluation of foods for microbial content as well as the development of measures to prevent/reduce/eliminate potential microbe related food borne illness. Positive uses of microbes in the production of foods (i.e. fermentation) will also be addressed.

Section Expectation

Generally speaking I utilize an active classroom approach. Students are expected to be present and to contribute their personal knowledge when called on. My goal is to increase your knowledge and to allow you to apply your knowledge to the factors involved with evaluating foods and in determining how to prevent food borne illness. I understand that this is the first, and most likely only, microbiology course which our Dietetics and NFS students will take. The emphasis of the course will be including making the materials relevant to a dietitian, nutritionist and/or food scientist. Students are empowered to ask questions about ideas and terms with which they are not familiar.


The course grading is based on a combination of lecture exams, as well as homework assignments. Exam formats may include multiple choice, short answer as well as out of class essay question(s). Homework assignments will be in the form of short answers/discussions which are meant to aid students in identifying important themes within the class. They may be fact based or reflective in nature. Extra credit is available in the form of community service and questions on exams.




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