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Graduate Nursing: Theoretical Foundation Nsg Sci

GRNS 324 OL1 (CRN: 60863)

3 Credit Hours

About GRNS 324 OL1

Exploration of philosophy of science, theory, and development of nursing knowledge. Nursing and non-nursing philosophies and theories relevant to advanced nursing practice will be discussed. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or by faculty permission.



Dates: May 22 - June 30. 2023; Matriculated GRNS students; PACE students need Program overrides; Asynchronous online

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Section Description

The focus of this course is to explore nursing and non-nursing philosophies and theories that contribute to the development of nursing knowledge. The structure, function, and evaluation of theories will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of theory into practice and integration of theory as a foundation for evidence based nursing practice. Content focuses on analysis through comparison and critique of the conceptual models/grand/midrange/practice theories of selected nurse theorists and other theories relevant to advanced nursing practice.

Section Expectation

Learning is a shared responsibility within a co-created environment. Thus, it is expected that students will actively engaged with course materials and participate meaningfully in online discussions. Students are expected to complete course assignments by due dates and to exhibit professional behavior.


Students will be evaluated based on class participation (via online discussion boards), written assignments, and a final paper or presentation.




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