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Educ Cultural & Ling Diversity: D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch

ECLD 056 OL1 (CRN: 61970)

3 Credit Hours

About ECLD 056 OL1

Examines the connection between race and language particularly as it relates to immigration and English policies.



Dates: May 23 - June 17, 2022; Asynchronous Online Course

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This introductory course explores the theories, practices, and policies related to the intersection of race, language policy, and school. “Race and language are mutually constitutive; language is used to construct race, and ideas about race is shaped by language (García & Kleifgen, 2018, p. 15).” In short, how language is used to construct notions about race influence the teaching and learning of English learners (ELs) in multilingual and multicultural settings. We will explore the several challenges faced by English Language Learners (new immigrants, and refugees) in U.S schools and look at how we, as educators, can better support their learning. This course is open to all students and fulfills UVM Diversity (D1) requirement.

Section Expectation

Throughout the course, I expect for all of us to examine and unpack our own biases and assumptions in light of these topics through reflection during small group discussions, blackboard discussions, and personal journal writing. Course Learning Objectives Category 1: General Education Diversity (D1) Competencies I can… 1.1 Develop an awareness of the influence and impact of diversity-related concepts such as intersectionality (i.e., the intersection of multiple dimensions on diverse cultural identities), power and privilege at the individual, group, and systems levels especially as it relates to shaping restrictive language policies throughout US history. 1.2 Develop critical thinking skills to enable one to analyze information and evaluate arguments from diverse viewpoints and multiple perspectives. 1.3 Examine cultural and linguicism implicit in US immigration laws and policies, as well as develop an appreciation for the language rights of linguistically and culturally diverse communities. Category 2: Effort/Engagement and Responsibility I can… 2.1 participate meaningfully in our community of learners. 2.2. take responsibility for my words and actions. 2.3 effectively manage my own learning.


Blackboard discussions 20% Reading Reflections & Case studies % 40 Final Project 40%




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