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Comm Sciences & Disorders: Internship

CSD 290 Z2 (CRN: 61872)

1 to 18 Credit Hours

About CSD 290 Z2

On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded.



Dates: May 23 - August 12, 2022

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Section Description

If offered (based on faculty and student determination), this course will provide an introduction to different therapeutic techniques used to remediate fluency disorders. A focus will be on treatment planning, record keeping and client interaction. The student will be paired with a clinician and will help plan and co-treat therapy sessions. Topics will include: client and family interaction, goal development, therapeutic techniques, behavior management, data collection and clinical documentation.

Section Expectation

One hour weekly meeting time with clinical supervisor and one-two hours of scheduled therapy per week (with attendance at stuttering support groups and summer camp sessions optional). Readings will be provided.


Assessment in clinical practicum will be ongoing. Feedback on planning, implementation, and evaluation of sessions will be conducted on a weekly basis during meetings with supervisor. Grades will be based on attendance, self-reflections in thought papers and weekly journal entries, and clinic documentation (plans, SOAPs, Projected Treatment Plans and Progress Reports).




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