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Sociology: D1: Race Relations in the US

SOC 019 OL2 (CRN: 61529)

3 Credit Hours

About SOC 019 OL2

Analysis of racial prejudice, discrimination, and other dominant group practices directed toward Native, Asian-, and African-Americans and their social movements for integration, accommodation, and separatism. May not be taken for credit concurrently with, or following receipt of, credit for CRES 065.


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Dates: June 20 - July 15, 2022

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The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the sociological analysis of race and ethnic relations. We will begin by looking at the concept of “race”—what is it? What does it mean to say that race is socially constructed? We will also examine prejudice and discrimination, as well as patterns of ethnic/racial relations. We will then spend the bulk of the course examining ethnic/racial groups within the United States, looking at the histories of European Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.


2 Exams, Quizzes, Journal assignments




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