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Health: D1:Racism & Health Disparities

HLTH 155 OL1 (CRN: 61476)

3 Credit Hours

About HLTH 155 OL1

This course will introduce basic issues that underlie health disparities, with a focus on the connection between racism and health disparities in the U.S.



Dates: May 23 - July 1, 2022

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Section Description

This course will engage students in the roots of historic and current racism and how it generates different health related outcomes for underrepresented minorities. We will cite multiple factors that lead to health disparities moving from personal identities and their influence, to examples of systemic oppression and their culpability, to implicit bias' profound effect on health care. We will also evaluate and discuss plausible solutions.

Section Expectation

This course is asynchronous but instructor-paced with weekly assignments. Assignments include quizzes, written reflection, online discussion, and a final paper. Students are expected to engage with the material, the instructor, and each other.


Each quiz, assignment, and discussion board post has points associated with them, However, the grading in this course is done with weighted scoring. So, don’t pay as much attention to the actual points accrued, simply complete quality work in each of the areas below. Here are the weightings: Quizzes (2): 5% -Auto-graded within Blackboard with feedback Assignments (21): 65% -Graded via rubric. Rubrics can be found within Blackboard. -Reflective Writing (19) -Individual research (1) -Argumentative Essay Outline (1) -Argumentative Essay (1) Discussion Board: 30% -Participation within YellowDig where more guidance can be found.




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