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Comm Sciences & Disorders: Dev of Spoken Language

CSD 094 OL1 (CRN: 60056)

3 Credit Hours

About CSD 094 OL1

Speech and language acquisition interpreted in light of current learning and cognitive theory, linguistic theory, and methods of linguistic analysis.


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Dates: May 23 - July 15, 2022

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Section Description

We focus on the nature of communication development from infancy through school years, emphasizing the progression of phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology and pragmatics, connecting with cognition and social/emotional skills. Theoretical perspectives and connections between speech, language and literacy development are studied. Course Objectives include:  List theories, processes, principles, and nature of communication development,  Sequence the general developmental progression of phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology, and pragmatics,  Describe how overall development, including cognition, play, emotions, and social relationships affect communication development,  Describe individual differences in communication acquisition,  Describe cultural and linguistic issues of second language acquisition,  Describe connections between speech, language and early literacy development.

Section Expectation

Asynchronous viewing of posted content in a fully online environment. Students obtain course knowledge through lecture videos, linked and textbook readings, exploration and review of related websites and videos, discussion board postings, and written assignments. Students should expect to spend 9-10 hours per week completing this work. Text: Berko Gleason, J. & Bernstein Ratner, N. (2017). The Development of Language (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN:13: 978-0-13-416114-3.


Grades derived from full class participation including in weekly discussion boards, and successful completion of 3 written assignments.




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