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English: FW: Written Expression

ENGS 001 OL1 (CRN: 60052)

3 Credit Hours

About ENGS 001 OL1

A foundational composition course featuring a sequence of writing, reading, and information literacy assignments. Students learn to write and revise for different rhetorical situations while increasing their mastery of academic conventions. Some sections designed for specific student audiences.


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Dates: May 23 - June 17, 2022

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Section Description

Written Expression introduces students to the complex process of writing. Students will be asked to write on a variety of topics ranging from the personal and autobiographical to the objective and analytical. Emphasis will be placed on the essential phases of the writing process: exploration, question posing, drafting, editing, and revising. During the course, students will do quite a bit of writing and will participate in peer editing groups. Students will be placed into groups in which they will share their writing, their difficulties, and their discoveries.

Section Expectation

Texts: The Norton Mix [139780393610536] Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg [9780877733759] Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott [0679435204] Little Seagull Handbook. Norton. Second Edition. [0393607828]


Evaluations: 70 % 4 Major Assignments: Social Narrative, Question Posing, Literature Review, and Research Paper 30% Participation (Includes discussion posts and minor assignments) Students are expected to work together, offer feedback, share their work, and participate in class discussions.




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