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French: Elementary II

FREN 002 OL2 (CRN: 60014)

4 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About FREN 002 OL2

Further development of French composition, comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, reading, and writing in a cultural context. Classes are conducted in French and students engage in active use of the language. Cannot be taken for credit after FREN 051. Prerequisite: FREN 001 or equivalent.


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Dates: July 5 - August 12, 2022; Prereq: FREN 001 or equivalent

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French 002 is the second course in a two-semester sequence of beginning French. It is fun fast-moving course designed for students who have successfully completed French 001 at the University of Vermont, as well as students with previous experience in French who have scored the requisite number of points in the UVM placement test. The course emphasizes all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to use their newly acquired skills in order to communicate in French in a realistic and culturally appropriate manner. All classes are taught in French. The University of Vermont respects the Department of Education’s definition of a credit hour: for every hour spent in a classroom, a student is expected to complete approximately 2 hours of coursework outside of it. Thus, in French 002, a 4-credit course, a student should expect to work about 8 hours a week outside of the classroom.




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