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Special Education: Trauma-Responsive Prac w/Child

EDSP 334 OL1 (CRN: 61865)

3 Credit Hours—Section is Full.

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About EDSP 334 OL1

Introduction to evidence-informed interventions aimed at improving social-emotional well being for children and youth who have experienced trauma and adversity. Students will leave with a toolbox of knowledge, practice and skills they can apply to their practice. Prerequisites: EDSP 330 or EDSP 331; EDSP 332, or Instructor permission.



Dates: July 19 - August 13, 2021

More Information

Section Description

This course is a part of the graduate course sequence in Trauma-informed, Resiliency-based and Interprofessional Practice. EDSP 334 will focus on trauma informed and evidence based practices with children and families. Students in this course will be introduced to evidence informed interventions aimed at improving social-emotional well-being for children and youth who have experienced trauma and adversity. By the end of the course, students will leave with a toolbox of knowledge, practice and skills they can apply to their direct practice with children, youth and families in education and social service agencies.

Section Expectation

After completing this course the student will: • Understand how to use assessment tools to identify strengths and needs of children and youth affected by trauma. • Be able to identify the key components to at least 3 trauma informed, evidence based practices for children and families used by child welfare, mental health and educators. • Complete initial training in at least one evidence-based practice for children who have experienced trauma such as: Parent child interaction therapy, the Resource Parent Curriculum + TIPS, Trauma-Focused CBT, and/or Attachment, Self-Regulation and competency (ARC), adoption competency, restorative circles in the classrooms. • Partner with child welfare, mental health and schools in supporting health and well-being of children, youth, and families. This course will include 6 modules. Five of the modules will be opened for 2 weeks, while the final module will be open for 3 weeks due to the additional training time required. You can feel free to use whatever flow works for you, however I set up the course so that the first week is content structured on specific topics, and the second week is focused on student evidence-based practice presentations. For assignments, in addition to your presentation, you will continue to have a weekly journal to capture your reflections, identify tools you will use, and ask any questions you still have. Finally, you will again have a final S’more that will allow you to continue to build your toolbox of skills and reference material. There a few shifts from previous courses in sequence in the following ways: (a) You will hand in your journal every other week, (b) the flipgrids will be focused less on your reflection and more on a specific discussion questions posed by the class presenters.


Journals / TIP Action Plan (5 pts each module) You will hand in three time throughout semester: Feb 9th; March 8th; April 19th 30% 2. Trauma and Resilience Toolkit (S’more; 5 pts each module) You will hand in once at end of semester on April 26th 30% 3. Evidence Informed Intervention Presentation You will sign up for a date 22% 4. Discussion of classmate presentations (FlipGrid; 3 pts each module) Due last day of each module. 18%




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