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Leadership and Policy Studies: Managing/Writing Lit Reviews

EDLP 380 Z1 (CRN: 61844)

3 Credit Hours

About EDLP 380 Z1

Designed to cover selected educational problems in depth. The major emphasis will be on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area.



Dates; May 24 - July 2, 2021; Meets online synchronously 5-8:45 on Tuesdays Other online asynchronous meeting times TBA Doc students and Master's students writing a thesis welcome

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Section Description

Organize and conduct a systematic literature review consistent with standards for social sciences and medicine in this six week summer course. The lectures will be synchronous on Tuesday evenings, 1 night a week, with scaffolded assignments and suggested timelines for completion and receiving feedback. The course will help prepare you for masters thesis, dissertation proposals, or manuscripts preparation. Course Goals include 1. Engage in the process of organizing and conducting a systematic literature review. 2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills of the practices and procedures for publication-ready systematic reviews, scoping reviews, or meta-analysis. You can plan to leave the class with a complete and coded literature review ready for your next steps (proposals, manuscripts etc.). You will leave the class with more advanced knowledge on the practice of literature review and also become more expert in your academic topic area.

Section Expectation

You will need online-library access and internet. Please plan to attend all 6 lecture & discussion meetings. We will meet 1 evening per week online synchronously. I will present information and course materials, we will engage together in discussions of your academic goals and academic topics specific to your professional interests. You will engage with library data bases and the professional literature. Anticipate reading between 100-200 titles and abstract, and 5-20 manuscripts you identify in the process. You will produce a 5 page methods section in writing using APA format, you will create a Prisma figure of the process, and an APA style table of findings. You will also begin a summative description of your results based on your table. All assignments will have "suggested" due dates so that you can receive timely feedback loops. The final deadline for all work will correspond with when Grades are Due for the University. Assignments will be evaluated using a rubric with clear expectations for all points, distributed the first day of class, assignments have multiple opportunities for receiving feedback and making improvement.


A final written assignment will include a) Writing in APA format your "methodology" section for the literature review including a prisma chart, b) creating a final results table of articles, c) summarizing in table and written form as synthesized or aggregated findings (may be descriptive or quantitative). Three formative-feedback cycles for completed work occur in week 1, 2, and 4 prior to the final assignment and final grades.




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