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Micr & Molecular Genetics: Intro. Microbiology Lab

MMG 196 Z1 (CRN: 61792)

1 Credit Hour—Seats Available!

About MMG 196 Z1

An approved area of study or project under the guidance of an MMG faculty member and the Academic advisor. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Credits negotiable.



MMG 101 Lab section

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Section Description

MMG 101 laboratory is a comprehensive introduction to basic microbiology and microbes that cause infectious diseases, with a focus on microbial structure, function, metabolism, ecology, and pathogenesis.

Section Expectation

Laboratory learning objectives: • Properly prepare and view specimens for examination using bright field microscopy • Use pure culture and selective techniques to enrich for and isolate microorganisms • Use appropriate methods to identify microorganisms (media-based, molecular and serological) • Estimate the number of microorganisms in a sample • Use appropriate microbiological and molecular lab equipment and methods • Practice safe microbiology, using appropriate protective and emergency procedures • Document and report on experimental protocols, results and conclusions • Apply the process of science • Use quantitative reasoning • Communicate and collaborate with other disciplines • Explain the relationship between science and society


Grading Criteria/Policies: The laboratory grade is worth 40% of your course grade. It will be determined as follows: Laboratory: Pre-lab Homework: 30% Lab Quizzes: 20% Micropracticals: 20% Major Unknown Report: 30%




Rowell N/A Hlth 111 (View Campus Map)


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