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Mathematics: QR:Applications of Finite Math

MATH 017 OL1 (CRN: 61763)

3 Credit Hours

About MATH 017 OL1

Introduction to mathematics of finite systems with applications, such as probability, statistics, graph theory, fair division and apportionment problems, voting systems. Prerequisites: Two years of secondary school algebra or MATH 009 or MATH 010.


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Dates: May 24 - July 2, 2021

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Section Description

In this course you will learn how math can be used to solve problems in many different situations. The math will be relatively basic - the ideas and uses of math will be emphasized. Topics studied are: Voting Methods, Weighted Voting Systems, Fair Division, Apportionment, Statistics, the Normal Distribution, Graph Theory, Hamilton Circuits, and Financial Mathematics (compound interest).

Section Expectation

Students work at their own pace and in whatever order they desire to complete 8 out of the 9 chapters. Students will need to purchase an code for an online homework portal.


Students will watch videos on course materials and then complete the online homework. When the homework is done, they will take a 10 question test on the material.




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