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Environmental Studies: Climate: Past, Present, Future

ENVS 195 OL4 (CRN: 61642)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: GEOL 195 OL1

About ENVS 195 OL4

If you want to understand the science behind climate – what controls it today, how it has changed in the past, and how it may change in the future - this class is for you. In this class, you will learn the science of climate, climate change, and climate prediction. You will understand how Earth’s rocks, oceans, atmosphere and vegetation influence climate and how climate changes naturally. You will appreciate the impact of people who for thousands of years were subtly altering Earth’s climate. Then came the industrial revolution and now human-induced climate changes are easily detectable and wreaking havoc with society - the result of burning of fossil fuels and wholesale land clearance. Using climate models, you’ll look into a warming world predicting the climate of Earth centuries and millennia into the future. Taken for three credits it is a non-lab science elective fulfilling that distribution requirement with no prerequisites.


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Dates: June 21 - July 16, 2021; Lecture portion of the Course; This section will fulfill the 3 credit natural science requirement without a laboratory. Cross listed with GEOL 195 OL1

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