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Social Work: Assessment in Social Work

SWSS 380 Z1 (CRN: 61559)

3 Credit Hours

About SWSS 380 Z1

Designed to cover selected social work issues in depth. Major emphasis on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.



Dates: June 21 - July 16, 2021; Tues/Wed/Thurs MSW Concentration YR students only Class is REMT with set meeting times TBD

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Section Description

Assessment in Social Work (SWSS 330) is a specialized practice course that explores and deconstructs contemporary assessment practices from a postmodern, constructionist, transformative social work orientation. This course will examine the impact of assessment and diagnostic discourses on the lives and relationships of diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, institutions, and communities. The course will critically consider the ways in which social worker formulations impact clients, clients’ views of themselves, and social work practitioner relationship with clients. The course will also emphasize the ways in which formulations invite and hinder practitioner stance of connection, curiosity, openness and hope from a variety of fundamental social work practice theories. Students will adopt a critical stance toward the history and uses of traditional and contemporary assessment frameworks. The strengths and limitations of each of various approaches and paradigms will be considered, both from the practitioners and clients' perspectives. Integrated into all aspects of this course will be a focus on working with diverse individuals, families and communities and acknowledging the importance of intersectionality and cultural humility connected to social work assessment. Building on student experience and social work practice (course work, work experience, field placement), the class cohort will utilize critical thinking, deep listening, inquiry, and self-awareness to increase knowledge and skill in social work assessment role and identity.

Section Expectation

LEARNING METHODS & RATIONALE The course methods include a combination of learning activities, large group and small group discussions, case examples, case presentations and conceptualizations, written assignments, and required readings. The course will require a sense of collective responsibility for encouraging a climate of openness, safety, inquiry, drawing on and sharing experience both from within and outside the field of social work, critical thinking, self-awareness, and courageous dialogue.


Class participants will be evaluated by: 1) Class Presence, Participation, and Collaborative Learning 2) Book Discussion Group Preparation, Book Group Discussion, Book Group Assignment 3) Reading Highlights Assignments 4) Addressing Assessment from a Transformative Social Worker Stance Paper




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