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Psychological Science: Hormones and Behavior

PSYS 218 OL1 (CRN: 61555)

3 Credit Hours

About PSYS 218 OL1

A study of the involvement of hormones in cognition, emotion, the stress response, circadian and homeostatic mechanisms that affect mental state, psychopathology, and reproductive behavior. Prerequisites: PSYS 053; PSYS 115 or NSCI 110 or NSCI 111.



Dates: July 6 - August 13, 2021

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Section Description

Objective: In this course we will study a broad range of topics in behavioral neuroendocrinology, which will allow us to develop a sufficient background to be able to understand most of the basic scientific literature on the diverse subjects that we learn about. We will talk about hormonal involvement in cognition, emotion, the stress response, circadian and homeostatic mechanisms, psychopathology and reproductive behavior. Hormone- and brain structure- based sex differences will be discussed with respect to all the above-mentioned topics. It is my goal to help you understand this growing and important field of study as it relates to both neuroscience and psychology. It is my hope that you will find this course both intellectually challenging and fascinating. Learning Goal 1. Students will develop an understanding of basic endocrinology and neuroendocrinology and how these systems affect behavior in animals as well as people. Learning Goal 2. Students will be able to read and understand basic empirical facts about on hormones and behavior in human and animal models. Learning goal 3. Students will learn how to present the findings of an empirical scientific paper to classmates in a professional and cogent manner. The test-book is: An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology 5th edition- By Randy J Nelson and Lance Kriegsfeld Published by Sinauer Press. There will also be additional readings from the primary literature that I will hand out or put up on Blackboard as we progress through the course.

Section Expectation

In order to achieve Learning Goal 1: This is a very condensed course (6 weeks) and Goal 1 will be assessed by quizzes, case studies and research questions done and/or handed in on blackboard (40% final grade). Learning Goal 2: There will be a take-home final exam, given on the final Friday, for which you will have till the following Tuesday to complete it. It will be worth 30% (Learning Goal 2 and constitutes a very important component to the course and comprehensive answers will be expected) An online presentation of a scientific paper using screen cast-o-matic (30% final grade) due during the final week of class (Learning Goal 3). This closely approximates the grading done for the semester-long in-class course and you will be pretty busy for the next 6 weeks


Grades will be calculated using the following scale: A+=97 -100 A=93-96 A-=87-92 B+=83-86 B=77-82 B-=73-76 C+=67-72 C=63-66 C-=60-62 D=57-60 F<57




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